tyraac's hosting games for european players, i'm seated in sweden. i'll host games and keep track of a 'blacklist' which means that any false quit (ragequit, "cba-to-play-more, i-think-we've-lost, but-there's-a-chance-of-a-comeback-always"-quitter etc.
Published on June 7, 2009 By Tyraac In PC Gaming

Tyraac's corner for great, european, games.

Some of you might have seen me, Tyraac, host games with the name "3v3,eu,own banlist"...
For the rest, hey to you aswell, hope you join me in getting fair, mature, good games going with this kickass game!

Why a blacklist?
From my own experience in other mp games (specially strategy games and aswell as DotA) having banlists, blocks, blacklists w/e is a way of getting rid of players who can't take a loss, or just misbehave in other ways.
Why waste time with them if you could get rid of them from the start?

Can I add you to my friendslist, so I can keep track of your online/offline status?
Of course! I encourage players (european that is) to add me to their friendslist, if you think you'll be able to play the game when winning and loosing and just want to have some great games where you improve your gameplay.

on Jun 07, 2009

Is this not so subtle or am I just paranoid?